Sunday, August 8, 2010

No Shade At Katy Perry But....

What has she done to become the Queen Of Pop. Here is singer Katy Perry, looking stunning as usual on the cover of Billboard Magazine but can someone please tell me why are they naming her the new Queen Of Pop?
There is no denying her ability to make catchy tunes but Queen Of Pop really? That title should go to someone who has sold over 100 million records world wide and hailed as a spectacular entertainer. The title should go to someone of the likes of Madonna, Janet Jackson, Kylie Minouge, Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey, not someone who had 3 or 4 catchy tunes. I cannot say that she will never be worthy to hold the title of the Queen Of Pop, because she might do something career defining in the next ten years, but as of now, nope. Maybe Princess of Pop, but we all know that that title belongs to pop royalty, Britney Spears. So piece of advise Billboard, next time you want to crown somebody Queen of Pop, please look at their body of work and at least let them sell over 30 million and prove them selves in the industry for over 5 years. Thanks!

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