Friday, June 11, 2010

Macy Gray Doesn't Know Any 40 Year Olds On The Radio

And quite frankly we don't either! She feels that once an artist turns 40 then their career is over. Check out what she had to say:
“I don’t know how to get a 40-year-old woman on the radio. If she was 20, 25. This record would be incredible.”
This quote comes from a powerful record label executive, just before she said no to signing me for my fifth album. And who would fault her? Everybody knows that a 40-year-old female recording artist is “geriatric.” While a 46-year-old president is the “new kid on the block,” a singer over 30 is just a few songs away from the nursing home of music.
The obvious remedies: Age defying crème, botox, face lifts, brow lifts, hair dye, Perricone Promises, super foods and denial. Lying about our age was once a quick fix, but Wikipedia has ruined that for everybody. Cosmetic touch-ups and diet discipline may take ten years off, but how do you go ten years back? How do you sing songs that are relevant to teenagers and who are you fooling if you try?
With very few exceptions, the gatekeepers send these three messages:
1. The younger generation has little substance
2. The music needs of the older crowd don’t matter…
3. Once a female artist turns 40, she should go away – maybe learn how to knit.
 Haha this is so true. You all know how I love older artists. After all, all the music industry sings about these days is sex and after a very short while, I get extremely irritated. I'll keep listening to my 80's and 90's music until I find an artist that can make a quality song that is NOT about the same thing I hear on the radio all the time.

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