Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Twitter Fun

Trending Topic, #Ifhiphopwashighschool
#ifhiphopwashighschool Jermaine Dupri would be that ugly ass dude who pulled the baddest chick. lol 
#ifhiphopwashighschool Eminem would draw pictures of Mariah and them stab them with pencils
#IfHipHopWasHighSchool R.Kelly would be the pedophile janitor talking bout he only wanted to "clean" the girl's bathroom!
#ifhiphopwashighschool lil wayne would go around dropping globes on lil kidds head
#IfHipHopWasHighSchool MJ wud be the kid every1 missed like HELL when he left... :(
#ifHipHopwasHighschool youd catch T-Pain in the back of the class singin into the fan
#ifhiphopwashighschool then Lil Wayne would have all the test answers tattoed on his arm 
#ifHipHopWasHighSchool Gucci Mane would write BURRRR at the top of all his test and just hand it in
#ifhiphopwashighschool JADAKISS would be know as the kid with the weird Laugh *AHH-HAA*!
#ifhiphopwashighschool kanye would interrupt the teacher and say "imma let you finish but i had to best essay in the whole class"
#IfHipHopWasHighSchool When the sub calls Plies governent name
everyone laugh cuz his name Algernold lanier washington <===WtFUCK
#IfHipHopWasHighSchool lil Wayne would prolly have all the teachers knocked up
#IfHipHopWasHighSchool Lil Jon wouldn't be allowed in the Library because he couldn't whisper!
#ifhiphopwashighschool Neyo would be the one all the kids laughed at when the teacher told him to take his hat off
#ifhiphopwashighschool Janet Jackson and Ciara would have the dopest dance crew
#ifhiphopwashighschool Fantasia would lead the pregnancy pact
#ifhiphopwashighschool Eryka Badu would get suspended for running across the football field naked
#ifhiphopwashighschool Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson would get suspended for performing at the football game halftime show
#ifhiphopwashighschool Superhead would be Kat Stacks guidance counselor
#ifhiphopwashighschool Toni Braxton would be that sexy teacher all the boys wanted to f***
 Lol I just had to share that with you all

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