Friday, June 4, 2010

Tyler Perry Talks About Mariah Canceling Last Minute

Oh how it hurts me to write about the movie that would've had my two favorite singers in it together. But anyways Queen Mariah Carey cancelled on Tyler Perry's new movie, For Colored Girls Who Considered Suicide When The Rainbow Is Enuff, at the last minute. This is what Tyler had to say about it
"I said, 'What? You're kidding me?,' It's five days before she has to go to work; nobody does that. We have a deal. I was told that we got a call, saying that even though our deal was done, she had been advised by her doctor not to do the film. I said, 'What? You know I want a doctor's note, don't you? LOL.

What I do know of [Carey] is that she is a professional and wouldn't back out of a deal unless it was a major issue. So, whatever is going on, I wish her and Nick [Cannon] the best and she has all my love, prayers and support. All I know is that I’m waiting just like the rest of the world to find out what happened. I just wish I could have finished my Mai Tai before I had to get back and re-cast this role!"

We all wish her the best.

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