Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kelis Doesn't Want A Popstar For A Son!

Isn't it a little too early to be picking his career? Pop Star Kelis recently told PopJustice that she has no plans for her son to be a pop star. She says:
"I look at him now and there's no way you can deny he's musically inclined. I don't think he can help it! My mom's someone who helps you channel what you're naturally best at and I don't think this is what she would have chosen for me but she's always been so supporting that I think I couldn't help but be comfortable in my own skin as a result. So with him is it my ideal choice? No, I would much rather he was a marine biologist or an architect but if he's naturally good at this I would be doing him a disservice not to help him. I'm not going to be a stage mom, pushing him in front of the camera! As a parent it's your job to guide them in the right direction so they become the kind of people they want to be. It has to be not because he wants to be a pop star but, in a way, because he can't do anything else. Because music is all he hears. Do you know what I mean?"
 No we don't know what you mean. There's nothing more annoying than a parent planning their childrens' lives.

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