Saturday, May 29, 2010

No Doubt Back In Studio

Group No Doubt is back in the studio laying down some new tracks. Here's an update:
Hey Guys…thinking a lot about you! We are baking up one of the most delicious records…your ears will hardly be able to take it…it will be so pleasurable!
It's been so fun being together everyday. We started writing at Tony's studio in his house. We just moved to a real studio in the Valley and it makes it all feel like it's finally happening. We're recording the first batch of songs that we wrote now and after this we're gonna go right back in and write some more.
Wouldn't have gotten to this point without all of you coming out to see us on the Summer Tour. You are so inspiring! Gonna tweet you pictures and keep you updated. We need your vibes! Check out some more news down below…
Gwen & My Boys (the No Doubt ones)
I LOVE No Doubt! I'm sure they're making good music.

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