Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Chad OchoCinco Racist?

Websites are speculating that the football star doesn't want black females on his new Vh1 reality show. An insider said:
He wanted to send home all of the Black girls and replace them with some of the Caucasian and Hispanic girls who were actually extras on set. After not having picked any Black girls to remain on the show the producers pressured him into picking at least two. Chad, in turn, chooses the two most GHETTO girls there to represent the us. And by ghetto…you know the ones that cause black men to say that’s the reason they don’t date black women anymore?
Nothing irks me more than a person who hates their own race. Isn't your mother black? How can you hate black women? But really, if you take the money and the fame away, do you really think white women will throw themselves at him? Well I guess, everyone has a preference.

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