Saturday, June 5, 2010

Chris Brown Gets Wasted

Not a good look for you Chris! The singer was caught partying at New York's nightspot Greenhouse. He was seen to be wasted by people who were at the party. Sources said:
Chris was out at Greenhouse nightclub last night in New York City and got so wasted that he fell off the couch,” an insider at the club told exclusively. “He had to be picked up off the ground by his security team! Girls were all over Chris trying to make their way to his table,” the source continued. “He wasn’t really too talkative and seemed pretty cocky and arrogant. He took off his shirt and danced around in his tank top undershirt until the bar closed.”
To be honest, Chris is 21 which means he is an adult and can do whatever he pleases, but on the other hand, if he wants to sell the image that he is indeed a changed man then this night club partying is not the way to go.

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