Saturday, June 5, 2010

Whitney Gets Bad Review... Again

Awww :( Please Queen Whitney, get it together, for my sake. Once again legendary singer Whitney Houston is horrible remarks from her Nothing But Love Tour. One critic said,
“Yes she can sing, in a way that makes her sound like an ancient cabaret singer in a basement in the Bronx after her 40th smoke. She was born with a gold spoon in her mouth. Unfortunately she’s used the spoon to heat up her crack cocaine for too many years.”
Another critic said,
“7000 tickets [the cheapest tickets cost just under $100] have been sold for this evening’s concert, but hundreds are now available at highly cut prices following what one critic described as “an out-of-breath 46 year old diva who was already hoarse after the first song”.
Harsh! First of all, I would never pay 7,000 dollars for a concert ticket unless your name is MICHAEL JACKSON. Second of all....I have nothing. But anyways, I know Whitney can pull through this. She's a queen she has too! Please Whitney, put those critics to shame in your next concert.

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