Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ciara Does French Vogue

The Wilhelmina model and pop singer posed for French Vogue looking fierce. Recently BET banned her video Ride from rotation for being racy. Meanwhile they play Lil Wayne videos and all those other videos with half naked women showing off their bodies in front of the camera. Remember when they used to play Tip Drill? Yeah I'll stick with watching Ride. Whatever Ciara continue stylin' on em' boo! What do you think about BET blacklisting Ciara?


  1. yesss ; ah was sayin tha same thing // they can play all them freaky trey songz videos but no ciara cause she wearin' ah one-zey just like beyonce in tha single ladies video && all ciara is doing throughout the video is dancing, what's so "racy" about that #BET [Bogus/Broke Entertainment Television)

  2. lol IKR I Invented Sex and stuff lol.



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