Sunday, May 23, 2010

Oh Admit It Already!

A very preggo looking Alicia Keys performed at BBC Radio One's Big Weekend 2010 in London yesterday. The singer THOUGHT the baggy clothes were going to shield her stomach but she was wrong. ALICIA JUST ADMIT YOUR PREGNANT ALREADY! There's nothing I hate more than a tight lipped celebrity (I am a blogger you know)! Any who, tell me how you all feel. Do you think she's preggers or are my eyes just distorted?


  1. Your eyez definitely aren't distorted.Ms.Keys is a pregger-mind as well just admit it.

  2. Alicia is pregnant wit Swizz baby. N datz y dey gettin married. N i can't wait cuz they are such a cute couple.
    -pinky ♥

  3. idkkk bt all that .

  4. she is most def. pregnant!!!!



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