Sunday, July 11, 2010

Jay Z Wants You To Know He Doesn't Worship The Devil

If you're not living under a rock you will know that there has been some serious accusations and Jay Z along with others in the music industry worship Satan and are part of the Illuminati, which I haven't the slightest idea what that is. Well Jay Z feels its time to let people know once and for all that he is indeed a child of God in Rick Ross' song Free Mason Ft. John Legend as well. In the song, Jay Z raps lyrics like,
"N---as couldn't do nothing with me, they put the devil on me I would have preferred n---as squeeze the metal on me/ Rumors of Lucifer, I don't know who to trust/ The whole world wants my demise, turn the music up.  If y'all n---as fear me, just say y'all fear me, F--- all these fairy tales/ Go to hell, this is God engineering/ ... I said I was amazing/ Not that I'm a Mason .../ I'm on my third six, but a devil I'm not. ..."
So with this being brought to light, you all can now enjoy your lives knowing that Jay Z is not a Mason and he has not corrupted our precious Beyonce. Good Day!

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