Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lil Kim Talks Music Industry

People haven't really heard from Lil Kim lately, but she's back with something to say about today's music industry. The Queen Bee says,
“I’m constantly growing, my album came out in ’97 but I started doing music in the early ‘90s,” she said. “One reason that I’m still here and I’m still relevant to this day – probably even more relevant than a lot of new people who come into the industry – is because I know how to reinvent myself, I know how to change with the times. The 34-year-old discussed how the industry has changed since she first released music.“I think that, no matter who you are these days; you could be young, you could be old, you could be new, you could be an artist that’s been in the industry for a minute, I think it’s all about a hot record these days, it’s different,” she claimed. “I think that’s the only difference I could point out, you know, you could have a hot song back in the day but it may not break through. But now if you have a hot song – it doesn’t have to have a lot of thought behind it, it doesn’t have to be a deep record. “You don’t even have to be very talented as long as you come up with something that’s catchy and, you know, something that is now.”

The Queen has a point. Who cares about talent anymore? You just have one catchy song and your suddenly the next biggest thing....

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