Thursday, July 8, 2010

50 Cent Starts Petition Against Diddy

I would imagine that right about now Diddy is making 50 Cent's skin crawl, saying that 50 Cent spends a lot of his time devoted to his "I Hate Diddy Club". A while ago, 50 Cent said this about Diddy,
"Puffy is a bitch. He wanted to be the hot bitch in his group… You know how an ugly bitch surrounds herself with pretty girls? Well, he is the pretty bitch with the other girls around him. He will suck the life out of everyone he is around. His music sucks. It's bad. He's not an artist anyway, so it doesn't really matter. When you think about it, is he a rapper? Because he says he doesn't write rhymes, he writes cheques. Nobody's buying ['Last Train to Paris'] he even said it himself that he doesn't expect it to sell."

Wow! LOL. Recently, 50 has also started this petion saying,

I don't know what this is gonna solve but 50 sounds determined....

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