Friday, July 2, 2010

Stephen Hill Talks Chris Brown's Tears

This is getting so annoying. Can't a man cry without being called a fake? BET's executive producer Stephan Hill talked about Chris Brown's tears. He said,
I think the pressure of the year and the lyrics of that song really just resonated. And, as someone who was backstage, there was nothing fake about that. I think there is a US Weekly story today about like his bodyguard gave him something to induce tears. Its just not true. I’ve been around actors who cry and when you fake cry, you don’t get…your throat doesn’t get swollen like it does [when you cry for real]. When he was trying to sing, he couldn’t get anything out. That’s a hard thing to fake. I appreciate people wanting to create controversy, but this guy has gone though a lot this past year, let this emotion be what it is. Everybody comes to the moment where you gotta make that change.

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